Events Management

  Building Business Relationships Through Corporate Hospitality.

Successful companies understand the importance of building business relationships through entertaining their clients with corporate hospitality. They understand that by ensuring their client is relaxed and enjoys the event they will enable strong business relationships to be built.

And as we all know good relationships are essential in any business.

Entertainment through corporate hospitality can be arranged in many ways as there is such a large variety of corporate hospitality options in Melbourne. Successful Corporate Events act as a broker to a vast number of sporting organisations and can therefore tailor a package specifically to suite your requirements. We can also assist with booking corporate hospitality packages for various cultural events in Melbourne.

At Successful Corporate Events, we believe that the most essential part of corporate entertainment is ensuring that we get the ‘best fit’ for you and your clients. ‘Best fit’ meaning that we assist you to determine what your purpose is by entertaining your clients in the first place, ie. What you want to achieve and secondly, assisting you to choose the most appropriate corporate hospitality package to suit. And this doesn’t always mean the cheapest option available. Your client will also know it’s cheap!

If you choose an event that your client does not like or understand, but feels that they should attend out of courtesy then you may be completely wasting your time, and money. Having said that, taking your visiting International clients to one of our famous Aussie Rules games and giving them a rare experince to remember forever would be worth its weight in Gold - or hopefully more business at least!! Not only is our iconic MCG one of the best stadiums in the world, but the people and fans of AFL here in Melbourne are amazing the way that they all sit together and don't have to be separated by barriers - yes a little bit of explaining about the game will most likely be required but hey that's the fun of introducing guests from other countries to our great game of Aussie Rules. They are likely to be blown away by the length of the game, the stamina that is required of our players and by the sheer toughness of our National game.

If you are entertaining International guests, we suggest you hire a corporate box and ask us to supply a host to help you explain the rules. He can arrange an ex-player to join your group to explain the rules and tell you what it's like to play AFL at this highest level.

At most events, sporting, conferences or trade shows, fun runs etc. all companies provide branded products as gifts or require apparel. SCE supplies all branded products and merchandise for our clients  so you don't have to do the hard work in chasing around for suggestions. Whether you want a basic cap or keep cup or want something specifically designed for you, we help you get your brand out to the world.

If you require assistance with your Events Management or Corporate Hospitality Packages in Melbourne either for the whole year or for individual corporate entertainment please feel free to contact Merryn Gilbert direct on 0429 965 900.