FREE Personal Wealth Check

If you have just been given the job of searching for a Corporate Hospitality company in Melbourne that makes your job  easy, makes you look good AND gives personalized attention to your requirements – you have just found us!!

As well as helping you look like a star at work, our partner company GFAS.com.au is offering a free wealth consultation to all SCE's new clients.

What does this mean?

It means you get help on how to budget, save, buy a house, pay off your mortgage sooner, refinance your mortgage, investment property advice, consolidate your debts. Anything to do with finances that you need to get sorted. 

Stuff we don't get taught in school and stuff our parents don't teach us because most likely they weren't taught either. GFAS.com.au takes the hard work out of trying to navigate the tricky stuff that most people are either too lazy to work out or simply don't know where to start.

To get started, it takes less time than a quarter of footy to have a chat by phone. Imagine if you were shown a way you could be better off financially, wouldn't you take up the offer?

Looking for a home loan?

New Home, First home buyer or Refinance GFAS.com.au has you covered there too with one-on-one personal service all the way.

Contact Merryn Gilbert
 - 0429965900 

Or call Steve at GFAS 1300 180 738

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