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Welcome to Successful Corporate Events

We specialize in AFL Corporate Packages and Corporate Boxes at MCG and Etihad

SCE is a Corporate Hospitality company located in Melbourne, Victoria.
It was established in 2005 to provide corporate hospitality packages and premium corporate ticketing to major sporting events in and around Melbourne.
SCE specialises in AFL (Australian Football League) packages, corporate dining and corporate boxes at MCG & Marvel Stadium

There are numerous options for Corporate Hospitality packages in Melbourne and it’s no secret that Melbourne is the sport and entertainment capital of Australia. At Successful Corporate Events, we are committed to delivering to our clients, the best service and value in corporate hospitality packages that this exciting city has to offer!

Sporting Packages:

  • AFL Seating & Dining packages,
  • MCG Corporate Boxes for a range of sporting events
  • Marvel Stadium ( Previously named Etihad) Corporate Boxes for AFL and concerts
  • MCG and Marvel Stadium Dining AFL Functions
  • Cricket Packages
  • Golf Packages
  • Rugby Packages
  • Soccer Packages
  • Horse Racing Package and more...
For details on our packages please see Corporate Hospitality Packages.

Conferences, Events and Branded Products & Merchandise:

Got a conference, trade show or special event coming up in Melbourne and you want to give your guests a gift, whilst getting your Brand out to the world? We can help.
We will set up and manage your large conferences and events from end to end. Our team consists of a Graphic Designer, Marketing Consultant, Event Managers & Events Staff, and to top it off we can also supply all your branded products, from T'shirts, coffee keep cups, water bottles and caps to anything you want designed from scratch.

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